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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attemp but try it

Download budgie screensaver

Download cockatiel screensaver



birds for sale

UPDATES 28-07-2009)Why my wife thinks i'm sad

UPDATES 28-7-2009)New photo's of Bob and Linda's aviary

UPDATES 28-7-2009) More updates on my second aviary

UPDATES 24-5-2009 ) My second Aviary build project

UPDATES 24-5-2009 ) My diary May

UPDATES 10-04-2009 (My diary April

UPDATES 11-02-2009 new page birds for sale

UPDATES 25-01-09 ( bob and lyndas aviary ,My diary and check to see about tidying my site a little

UPDATES 21-12-08 (Display cages painted

UPDATES 21-10-08 (Display cages

UPDATES 31-08-08 (Egg food recipe

UPDATES 30-08-08 (Pictures inside my nestboxes

UPDATES 30-08-08 (Infertile egg's

UPDATES 16-08-08 (My chinese quail have hatched

UPDATES 16-08-08 (new project, My aviary has a new floor

UPDATES 11-08-08 (more pic's of my canarys and a baby budgie

UPDATES 10-08-08 (An article about budgies

UPDATES 09-08-08 (My aviary electrics, can i use a timer with flourescent tubes

UPDATES 09-08-08 ( I've bought 9 canarys today i am well proud

UPDATES 03-08-08 (Incubator in action + my new budgie kindergarten+ more pic's added

UPDATES 10-07-08 ( Aviary pic's added)

UPDATES 07-07-08 ( My double breeding cages with nest pods

UPDATES 06-06-08 ( Gallery and Quail chicks

UPDATES 01-06-08 ( projects, see my finch aviary build, This took place a few months ago.




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