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I went to the stafford show on the 28th june 2009 but it wasn't the show of the year that is normally october.

i found the parking ok and getting in was easy, no que. but this show was limited to the main hall with a small sectioned room for the parrots apart from the food in the resturaunt being awful. the show was ok it was packed with normall goodies and a good selection of birds i eventually came home with 12 birds and none of them were budgies.

I bought a pair of diamond doves, 4 bengalese finches, 2 gouldian finches and 4 java sparrows amongst a lot of accessories and egg foods.

There wasn't that many people there but it was a very humid day about 30 degrees i think.

here are some pictures taken from the balcony near the resturaunt.

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