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The Parrot Society Bird Show october 2009, my personal experience, Heres some photo's

Well this year was my first visit to the show and i will definitely return next year. I set of from my house near Aylesbury, Bucks at 8.00 in the morning and arrived at the show at about 10.15 after covering 103 miles according to mr tom tom, the last 200 yards to the show ground was very busy and slow, as we were walking to the entrance there was a 50 meter que for people paying for there tickets but i already bought mine online and was issued with a wristband so we could walk straight in the door.also it was cheaper.

My wife and i have had a lot of stick from work colleagues about this show for being sad, i don't know really why but it's there loss and not mine. On that note we took allot of Photo's well my 9 year old boy did, unfortunately most of them were blurry but iv 'e salvaged a few to put on this site.

any way we joined the crowds to find are way about and it was quite a good layout i would guess about 6000 people were there. Viewing the birds initially was the priority so we don't miss the bargains but early on it was a bit of a squeeze around the crowds,one annoying thing was people just standing in the middle of the rows just talking and blocking others walking through, I found that a bit inconsiderate similar to shopping in tesco's. also with the occasional breath and body odours of people so close, still that didn't deter us from buying a few birds to increase my stock for next years breeding, I eventually bought 6 budgies and 1 pastel yellow canary to make up my numbers back home, The budgies were 3 lutinos and a green,grey and a cobalt blue opalines. I bought a couple of wooden carry boxes as well i didn't want to get my grotty cage out the boot. The double breeding boxes i thought was a bargain at £20 when i built mine they cost a lot more and don't look as good well i haven't been to a show since i was a kid.

My wife and i found the gouldian finches very interesting but this is not my territory so i will read up on them and perhaps next year you never know. A lot of the birds i didn't know much about even the names because i only keep a certain breeds

Every one i spoke to was very friendly and knew so much about there stock also there were plenty of goodies for sale, In fact you buy anything related to this hobby, you also could buy a lot of ceramic gifts such as mugs dishes and things for granny, There were some artworks for sale to but a bit out of my price range also framed photo's of dogs.

Another thing to mention is bird seed, cuttlefish, and millet, I didn't buy any because the cheapest was at £15.00 a sack and that was the show price, Well my local shop jollyes sells it for £14.50 a sack and the millet is just over £20.00 a big box also the cuttlefish is priced per kilogram so it makes sense for me to carry on shopping at jollyes, i know some people are unfortunate to live miles away from nowhere so a few pence here and there shouldn't matter. Tip if you plan to buy bulk seed take a sack barrow like everyone else did.

Anyway There was plenty of food for people from catering vans but the sad thing was the bar (bingley arms) on site was closed i did see a lot of people were eating there own packed food in there cars. Maybe next year we will do this because with 2 kids it will cost at least £20 still it's a day out.

Next year i plan to take my bird's and sell a few, i was told i need to join the parrot society and then pay £28 for 2 people (myself and wife) and a table to put my birds on so hopefully will see you at the 2009 show.

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