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I Have been installing a sink in my aviary shed so i can have running water this to me is a great help so i don't have to walk backwards and forwards to my kitchen and it also stops me dragging seed in the house, Well at least its cut the mess down especially on a rainy day when it sticks to your shoes.

I was quite lucky to have a main drain within 1-2 meters of the shed and an outside tap. otherwise i would have had to install a soak away in my garden, but anyway in other pages of this site you will see my shed layout, I had to make some room for it so i chose a place closest to the drain and water supply which i had to sacrifice one of my built in cages.

plumbing is fairly easy these days considering you can just drive to your nearest building merchants, i use wickes for my supplies i find them the cheapest, but also the connectors and fittings are so easy its just a matter of pushing pipes into them and they lock themselves so there is no soldering involved at all. it also helps to be a diy enthusiast so to have a little knowledge of what your doing but saying that there is always a friend or family member somewhere that can help if you do get stuck.

Any way i will put up a few pictures and try and explain what i did so far, i have managed to finish the installation and it is now in use with a wall mounted water heater but i do need to finish the front door area to conceal the sink pipe work.


First of all i had to make room so i had to sacrifice one of my cages as you can see in these first lot of pictures, some of my smaller birds would come in there to roost and eat but they soon got use to the fact that the pop hole had been closed then they started to use the other one in my main interior aviary. the birds were a bit bewildered for a few days but got use to it.


Once the cage had been removed then came the task of scraping crapp of the wall and then a few coats of paint and it started looking a lot better. once the paint had dried i then nailed some baton to the side and also under the window making sure it was all level so the sink can rest on it i then propped up the front just to get it level as possible.

the baton had to be screwed in place and strong because when the sink has 1 to 2 gallons of water and things on the draining board the weight can increase by a considerable amount.


if you look on the wall next to the floor there is a disused pop hole i once used for my quails, This will now be used to run my waste pipe through i will also run the main water supply through this too.

The sink came from a friend of mine and it cost me nothing but if you wanted to buy one it would roughly cost about £40.

more to follow




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