Original aviary shed with outside flight, the object is to make the shed area bigger and in the future have a flight added on to the left of the shed.


The original shed with the flight removed 10x8 apex roofed cladded timber frame, to the left is the footings being dug out, my garden will be a total building site until ive finished.


some of the block paving's removed so i can add to the width also, these needs to be dug out too.




The shed from the rear of the garden with the flight gone.




Shed is now down waiting for repairs to the rotten bits and the mouse/rat holes then a repaint, if i was loaded i would buy a big shed,


With the footings dug out i marked out the sides and built a frame to retain the concrete its an extension of the existing slab

The frame staring to be fitted, i now have a massive pile of mud to get rid of in the future.

Its got dark now but its already for the concrete pour, i didn't get any photos of the concrete pouring because i got busy and was rushing to get it all mixed by hand.in a mixer.

Ready for concrete


The concrete is now down and set, i ran out of ballast which left me a little short but i might use some floor leveling compound or screed just to finish of before i lay the laminate flooring.

You may have notice ive built a wall on the back and to the left side, this is to reduce rotting from the surrounding mud this is 4 bricks high with 4x2 timber base bolted to it.

2 rear panels now screwed down and leveled.


1st front panel in place, i will need to make 1 front and 1 rear panel later. yes my garden is a shithole notice the mud top left and where my birds are stored shed top right in 4 large cages.


Taken from another angle, ive designed it in my head and plan to have a pent roof,the front is 6'5 and rear is 6'1 feet


The door panel all cut and chopped about, i used the old roof panels to extend this, some of the felt is still on it, yes it looks cut and shut now but wait to its painted and finished it looks cool.


View from inside.


it is easter monday and rain stopped play, this is as far as ive got so far so keep tuned for more to come.

The weather is pretty terrible at the moment rain then sunshine and hail ive managed to do a bit more in between showers.


I need to make an extra back panel,so i started to construct the frame i will use spare osb board i have lying around so i will use this to panel it


I also had to make a new front panel this will have the normal ship lap on the front to match the other 2 panels as it is the front and will also include 3 new windows to match.


The frame from the inside with 3 window apertures, i just need to construct the back far end panel now, can you see the water build up on the floor due to the rain


This is the old far end panel still as apex construction, this will need to be stripped, repaired and converted to pent.

The far panel now fitted with an extra 2 foot added on at the right of the pic


The final back panel has osb screwed to it to make a complete panel, i have put some roof felt on the back to protect it from the elements and it will all eventually be insulated and lined but i have to get the birds breeding first to raise more cash.

Far panel view from the rear


The front panel with 3 window holes and ship lapped i used some old ship lap i had laying around to save money and new as well

Front panel with first coat of paint i need to get another 4 pieces of glass cut i was quoted 23 quid for 4 bits of glass


another coat of paint later and looking good as new, current size now is 10'9 x 19'7

onto the roof beams these are 3x4 sawn wood and i need to space them to have 8x4 sheets fitted


I've added some noggins too, this is where the roof sheets will join for extra support


unfortunatley due to ill health ive had tp put things on hold for a while, i was struck down with a big stroke after having a mini stroke just shortly before,i ended up in hospital but im at home now recovering. im only 46 so it has come as a bit of a shock.

thanks to the kindness of my neighbours and friends i have the main birdroom finished with my birds back in it, i still have a lot of photos to process which i will do shortly but i promise things will be back to normal soon as i get the feeling back in my left arm

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