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Testing the seed cleaner

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These test were done using my mk1 seed cleaner i have recently finished the mk2 version which i am currently selling at a fast rate, this new design is fast, quiet and much more efficient.

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I've put the seed cleaner otherwise known as a winnower through some testing and here are the results, One saturday i decided to sweep out my aviary and finch cage and also my double breeding box and i was wondering how much spilt or wasted seed there was, i only did it out of curiosity but now I've realized it saves me a small fortune and carried on doing this on a regular basis. But i wouldn't recommend this method it was only for testing purposes

Top right is part of my aviary floor including 2 quails they are just posing.

Top left is some of the rubbish that accumulates on the aviary floor seed,feathers,greenery and a bit of pooh thrown in by the birds.

First of all i had to remove the rubbish from the seed because this cannot go into the machine because it will block it, The odd piece of grass,feather,or fibre will blow through.So i used a cooking utensil, i think its called a collinder sieve used for straining potatoes and veg, I bought this at a market for 99p.

Top left ready to be sieved. Top right pour it in and give it a good shake about,

NOTICE: the holes in the sieve get smaller has you get nearer the bottom just bear that in mind and i will come back to this shortly.

So just shake it about and you will end up with a pile of feathers,lettuce and whatever else is in there.

Top left is the big rubbish removed and Top right is what you end up with, including a few small feathers a bits of rubbish. So what you need now is to sieve it again with smaller amounts using just the lower,smaller holes at the bottom of the sieve this is the notice i mentioned earlier!!. This time don't shake so hard and let it do its work, This will only allow seed and very small bits through, You can sieve as many times as you like i usually do it 2-3 times.

Top left is the sieved result and Top right is some of the seed ready for blowing, There is some very small amounts of pooh in there but i'll worry about that in a moment.

Now its time to put it through the seed cleaner.

I will start another page here because its getting quite long now Page 2 >>>>>

Here is the mk1 seed cleaner including the funnel and seed tub at the bottom and near the bottom left is the dust bag which collects the husk




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