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My second aviary build

This will be an ongoing project for a while because it costs money so it will be step at a time so keep checking back now and again.

Well this is the page where i will post the pictures of my second aviary build project. I suppose it will be more of a blog.

Why do i want two aviarys ??? well because i'm greedy, i have the space, i have an old shed so why not... It will be a long project because theres a lot of other things im doing at the same time such as the garden.


Well the above picture shows my old shed in a sad and holy state of repair, I've decided to turn it into another aviary not sure what to keep yet maybe some finches.

It basically sits in the back of my garden around what i call my nature reserve, The apple tree is in bloom and looks nice but it is in the neighbours garden at the back.


Above right is the back of the garden my mini nature reserve behind the small wall, when i dug out my driveway that is where the mud ended up also there is a utility room wall buried in there somewhere and the odd pet cat, hamster buried there too after they had died. the pile got bigger so i had to build a small wall to make it look tidy.


The first job is to clear the weeds and start digging and levelling the soil this will eventually be covered by a weed sheet and perhaps some shingle but i'm not sure yet. I will have to take the shed down beause it needs a few repairs also i want to under wire the floor to stop mickey mouse and roland the rat getting in.


It didnt take long to take the shed apart and my youngest boy was helping, Above right is the original concrete base which will stay.

....... .......

The above pictures show the base i have replace some planks because they were cracked and rotten on the edges mainly.

....... .......

Above is one of the side panels with new planks then having a coat of green wood preserver.

I will carry on on another page before it gets to long.

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