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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attemp but try it

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Well I've had a go at making my own egg foods and it was a great success,My birds have devoured the lot in one day. There are 2 recipes here to try with simple products and if you wanted to, a human can eat them too.

I've only tried this recipe so far.

Ingredients: 1 chicken egg or 3 coturnix quail eggs, 1 weetabix, and a drizzle of olive oil,

The second recipe is the same as above except instead of weetabix use 4 rich tea or plain digestive biscuits.



1. Boil your eggs for 10 to 15 minutes so they are hard boiled if your yolk is black then you've boiled it for to long

(how do i know that.?) then let them stand until cool.

2. Get a bowl and crush your weetabix to pieces

3. Peel your egg shells then chop your eggs up into pieces and add them to your mix

4. Place your egg shells on a dish and microwave for a minute or 2 depending on your microwave settings this will make them brittle, Next crush the shells with a rolling pin into a fine dust, a few flakes are ok then put them into the bowl with your weetabix.

5. mix the lot together and add a little olive oil to moisten up your mix you don't need much, That's about it you could experiment with other oils such as safflower or types of biscuits some people even use vitamins

but my birds loved what i gave them.




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