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Well i mainly keep coturnix quails or sometimes known as japanese quails, They are very simple to breed and keep and they are also human friendly, Well mine are anyway.

Some people breed them to eat, Also the eggs are supposed to be a delicacy but i would have to eat about 50 of them to fill me up, After I've kept them as pets i couldn't eat them at all now.

Unfortunately they only live for about 2 years if your lucky they also stay on the bottom of your aviary, They don't normally fly but they are capable. when they get scared or spooked they tend to fly upwards but cannot go far. My quails sometimes rome around my garden under strict supervision by me.


I feed my quails layers pellets bought from jollyes in a 25kg sack, They also like a bit of greenery such as lettuce,grass,dandelion and they like to peck around the floor eating dropped bird seed, Most important to give them fresh water daily.


These birds look good on most aviary floors they don't attack other birds and sometimes my java sparrows and budgies try to get a ride on there backs, bit of harmless fun. They can be housed in a pen or a run but make sure it has a roof in case they get spooked and a small indoor area to rest and hide away, Sometimes they will sit outside all night rather them than me. i would keep them at a ratio of 2 or 3-1 That's 1 male to every 3 females to stop arguing and noise between them.


I love breeding these guys in my homemade incubator, First of all obviously you will need a female and a male at a mature age to produce fertile eggs and you should get 1 egg per day, I normally get mine at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, does that ring a bell?. You can store these eggs for up to 10 days pointy end downwards in a cool place.

click on image for the bigger picture.


I usually put several eggs in at one time and make a note of the date, I also put an A and a B on the eggs in marker pen because i manually turn them also if the eggs are soiled give them a gentle clean in warm water, Once the incubator as reached its normal temperature i then place the eggs in with the letter A facing upwards this is my way anyway. My incubator fluctuates between 98oC and 102oC

This to me has never caused any problems i also use a small tub of water for a little humidity I have never measured the humidity in my incubator but there are recommendations on the web for this.

I routinely turn my eggs by hand between 3 and 5 times a day at least 3 times a day if times tight, Usually in the morning first thing then dinner time, tea time and just before i go to bed, I know its a chore but i am working on an auto turner for my incubator.

I keep turning the eggs for 14 days then i stop and add a second tub of water to raise the humidity then i leave well alone, by the 17th 18th day my eggs usually start to pip and hatch, This could take up to 24 hours sometimes. I never help the chicks hatch out that's a big don't.

If the eggs don't hatch leave them for another 3-5 days just incase.


I use an old fish tank for this, ideally place 2 red glow bulbs in just incase 1 blows in the night.

I use a small water tray and feeder with chick crumbs scattered around as well, They need to stay in there for 3-4 weeks because they are still dependable on heat, Then i gradually reduce this heat using a dimmer or lowering the wattage of the bulbs. Normally about this time they will start growing into there adult feathers and you should be able to sex them.

You can tell if there is enough heat for the chicks by there behavior. but the first few days of life the temperature is similar to my incubator, You could leave them in the incubator for the first day if you prefer this will dry them and make them fluff up, But i usually transfer them to my brooder at the same temperature.

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