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Update 11-04-2009

This page hasn't been updated for a while now because not a lot has happened on my quail front, I have 2 Japanese quail and i have 3 chinese quail in my aviary's. The chinese quail i incubated my self last year and luckily i had 2 females and one male a result in itself.

Any way my chinese quail have started laying eggs now and i have transferred them to the incubator, i don't know whether this first batch will be successful but only time will tell.

I try and maintain a temperature of about 99 degrees but i do get fluctuations and this has not affected the quail in the past, As for turning the eggs i normally do this 4 times a day minimum of twice, Once when i get up in the morning say 7.30 then 12.30 pm, 6.30 pm and finally before i go to bed usually 11-12.00. After the 14th day i stop turning the eggs and increase the humidity by spraying extra warm water on the eggs.

Once they hatch you can leave them in the incubator for another 24 hours or transfer them to a brooder once they have dried out and fluffed up a little, they don't normally need food for the first 24 hours.

Once in the brooder i leave them in there for 4 weeks whilst i reduce the temperature over that period

to normal room temperature then after that you can transfer them to a pen inside your shed, once they are fully feathered they can go outside in your aviary flight the other birds don't tend to bother them.

Anyway i will keep this page updated once i get some news on my eggs and a photo.

old update 03-08-08

I have put some chinese painted quail eggs in my incubator 15 to be precise, they were

given to me by someone who bought birds from me how kind. and i also put a few more

coturnix quail eggs in i'll see how these go, due to hatch on the 13-08 i will post again around then

I've added some small bars in the incubator because chinese quail eggs are very small and tend to roll around

My chinese painted quails have started hatching 13-08-08 out of 15 eggs i found that only 6 were fertile and 3 of them died, 2 died while trying to hatch i don't know why this happens, i think it may be due to the humidity levels but on the other hand 3 hatched successfully.

Well I've just also found out that these eggs have been stored for about 3 weeks so i was lucky to get any at all normally they can be stored up to 7-10 days before they start going bad

the pictures are a bit reddish due to the

bulbs in my brooder.


My Incubators

my incubators are a 9mm plywood constructed box built for good insulation with a viewing panel made from perspex on the lid, It contains one metal grid where i set the eggs on, i normally turn the eggs by hand about 4 times a day, ( i put the letters A and B on the eggs so i know which way around I've turned them). I have 2 water pots which i keep filled with water this maintains a good humidity level.

On day 14 i stop turning my eggs and i just keep misting them with a fine water spray bottle about 3-4 times a day (body temperature water not cold) i believe this increases humidity levels in the last few days to help with the chicks hatching.

The heat source comes from a standard 60W household bulb which in turn is circulated around using a 12V fan all installed in the incubator, This fan has an on and off switch for individual requirements, When i don't use the fan the temperature can increase by about 10 degrees so it will need heat adjustment, the bulb heat can be adjusted by using a rotary adjusting knob similar to a dimmer switch

and it maintains a very good constant temperature in a constant temeratured room, I've had fluctuations between 98 and 104 degrees and this has not yet caused me any problems.

It does cost time and money to make these but when you consider the achievement you get when watching a chick hatch then there's no comparison, considering you could buy a top brand for well over £100-£150.

I am working on a semi auto incubator which involves turning all the eggs at once by hand and ultimately a totally automatic incubator in which if any one has ideas on this i would be glad to hear from them .......... .

Last years news

My Japanese (coturnix) quails have started hatching.

I'm so chuffed to bits at the moment. I gathered nine eggs about 17-18 days ago just shortly after my male quail died and put them into my newly home made incubator.

R.I.P .........Charles prince of quails ( Diana is still alive and now lonely ) ,That's my kids that named them.

And so far 2 have hatched out looks like another maybe on its way but ill be a sleep by then.

The images look sort of reddish because the heat bulbs are red it stops the glare in there eyes from bright lights.

I use a fish tank as a brooder its better than a box, insulated and as a good lid i'll post more pic's of the tank shortly.

i'll keep you posted:

Well unfortunately the third chick didn't hatch properly and died in the shell, i thought it was nearly out but wasn't meant to be the problem is ,if you help it out you could have a deformed chick on your hands so i let nature do it's own business.

anyway here's my brooder tank.>>

I had 2 hatch out of 9 eggs which was a good result, but could have been better. In the second picture above the chick's are approaching one week old now and very lively and healthy.

Update on my quail chicks well its been nearly 2 weeks now and one of them has started to develop adult feathers and it looks female i think but i'll have to wait to make sure.

The one on the left is developing adult plumage.

New update. unfortunately the little one on the right didn't make it and died overnight at about 3-4 weeks old but the bigger one is doing very well and is now outside in my aviary enjoying life. It is with it's mother now but i don't think it knows that. I believe now that you really need fresh eggs up to several days old for the most success.

I was thinking of buying some from ebay but as always this can be a gamble, Once i get a good stock of my own then eggs shouldn't be a problem.

03-07-08 My baby quail is doing fine it's now 2 months old and looks fully grown and it is a male.

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