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Project finch aviary build.

I had to build a separate aviary area for my finches simply because finches and budgies shouldn't breed in the same area otherwise you could end up with more dead chicks than live ones. So i had an idea to put it on to the front of the shed and the end of the existing aviary area..... JUST CLICK ON IMAGES TO SEE BIGGER PICTURES.

As you can see, The front of the shed and just part of the aviary on the left hand side. Its a bit tatty at the moment but i just started clearing it out.

I started by cutting a hole in my shed just under the light and made up a small sliding door. I have already built the internal cage from ply wood.......

... My next dilemma was the shed door, It was facing the wrong way. I needed to reverse it and cut the top off so it would open into the aviary as you will see later on....The next step was to dig out the footings as you can see half the floor area was already concreted so i only had a small area to dig and lay in some concrete for the bricks to go on... ..I temporary laid the bricks on so i could see the layout and get a rough angle to my shed on the right side, as i didn't want it square i think that may have restricted the entrance too much. Now's the time to start laying bricks.

The above photo shows the angle i went for. Once i laid 2 courses of bricks i then laid some 2x3 timber on top and fixed that in place. After a bit of a tidy up i was ready to start building the frames and fit them with mesh i just had to fill in my floor and put some shingle on top to make it look good.

... Well i finished the mesh panels and i used chipboard for the roof and finished of with some felt after a few coats of wood treatment this is what it looked like, Notice the shed door now opens into the aviary, I left the light there i just fitted it to the door.

More projects coming soon.............




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