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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attemp but try it

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This is my mk2 seed cleaner/winnower. I currently build these to order

priced at £79.00 very cheap considering the market

This is my mk1 seed blower Well this model all started from a shoe box and worked its way up through scraps of wood to this finished product, i spent 6 months developing the blowing system and electrics and I'm very proud to have this model hanging in my aviary, I'm always working on improvements and upgrades.

My latest model and the best by far. The source of heat comes from a bulb and this is also fan assisted giving constant temperature throughout, It is well insulated and maintains a good constant temperature of 100F, adjustable by means of a rotary resistor switch, My prototype which looks similar to this has just successfully hatched some quails. see my hatchlings

These are some of the nest boxes i built just for fun, I did try and sell these on ebay but its a saturated market and the prices are not worth the hassle really. Overall they didn't sell.

I built these for ornamental reasons but still may use them







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