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I have been growing my own lettuce as you can see in the photo, the trouble is it takes over 6 weeks to grow then it takes about 2 days before it gets demolished by my birds.

but the birds do love it heres one i freshly put in today.





Changing the subject a little i do like going ice skating with the family occasionaly and touch wood i havent landed on my arse yet but i thought i would post a picture anyway.

this picture shows my wife and my oldest son who is nearly 6 foot himself but still only 15

i would post a picture of myself but i do most of the photo taking so i never get a good photo.

My diary is a liitle empty but i seem to get very busy and dont get much time but i guess if i had little bits here and there then over time it all helps to build up in to a great website

so i will move on to october now , i am writing this in november actually but i will get there soon (confused yet )

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