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I Had to put one of my canarys in my hospital cage because she was looking all fluffed up but sadly after 2 days it died i dont know wether it was egg bound or had a tumour of some sort but it never recovered but i did my best and kept it warm ,

It is a sad thing to loose any bird but with over 100 birds i can not afford vets bills so i let nature do its business but it was quite chirpy in the morning then died later in the afternoon.

i do my best for them all but you have to move on and get over it


Its October again and that means only one thing to me its the stafford national show again

i went up there with the wife this time bacause when she sees a bird she likes i never argue but i like to tell her they are better off with one of its own kind then i can double up

and buy twice as many birds, me not silly.

well this time i bought a couple of rainbows, wifeys choice and they came in at 30 pound for the pair, as i have not got any rainbows i thought this would be a nice change.

they are currently sat on 5 eggs and doing well so i have got my money back hopefully.

next the wife spotted a pair of mauvey violets at 15 pound a pair so i had to grant her wishes yet again, they are lovely birds and currently sat on six eggs.

(well it is november now)

so thats my money back again.



she then spotted a little white canary hen on its own but now it is at home with its new friends and is very happy it also seems quite freindly campared to the rest of my canarys.

the show it self was very busy and packed with people you could hardly move but i do like stafford its the nearest show to me

I also bought some goodies and a bit of egg food






Finally i bought a pair of red headed gouldian finches i do like these birds they are very coloufull and i have 4 in total now .

i might buy some more of these birds they compliment any mixed finch aviary although they are not a bird for beginners as they may require a little extra heat in the winter especially if there kept outside in an aviary.

I have been told when i bought these gouldians that they are climatised to british weather but still i always have my heaters on in the cold winter nights.
















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