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Well i haven't updated my diary for a while so i thought i'd better add something to it.

In all not a lot has really happened i had to have root canal treatment on my tooth in preparation for a new crown £180.00 that cost me i was more scared of the price than anything i was gutted.

anyway apart from working like a dog i have built and sold 5 seed cleaners now all with excellent feedbacks and thank you e-mails, i seem to spend my spare time building these at the moment.

in the bird room i have cleared my outer aviary area of birds and i'm now painting the inside all white to brighten and spruce things up, I have also built a new sliding door for the birds to access the outside i will post a picture of this shortly. I can scare the birds indoors then all i do is pull a rod to slide the door shut simple it saves me having to muck about getting the birds inside.

shortly i hope to lay some new chipping's outside and re paint the shed all ready for sitting outside in the summer.

I totally cleaned out all my cages this weekend that's a task in itself but it does look better I will post more pics shortly.

more soon


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