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I went round to see Alans birds and setup today and i thought i would take a couple of photo's

Alan is in a wheel chair and has built this setup with his wife joan.It sits of the floor so he can get up close and his legs are virtually under the aviary.


There are plenty of toys and amuzing things for the birds to do as Alan builds these himself being a carpenter by trade.

There is a hatch on the right hand side which goes in to a shed for shelter, There he has a block of 4 cages knocked into one, and next to that he has 2 breeding cages

to see some of alans carpentry skills please visit.


Once alan has started to breed his birds i will go back there and take more photo's.







I have been fairly busy myself i have built a seed hopper based on a small one i bought from stafford show, I made this one nearly 3 times bigger and it looks good on my aviary wall at least it gets used and also it saves on seed too.

I have got a few construction photo's somewhere i will have to list them as well.



I have also built 6 breeding cages in my second aviary , They have partions so it can turn into a big holding cage and each one has a nest box on the side.

I got the wood for nothing it was 18mm ply i know it's big but it's amazing what you can do it cost me some hinges and screws thats all.

The fronts are standard aviary mesh because i have it laying around and i can pull out the partitions from the middle.

I built a couple of shelves from the 18mm ply as well so i have somewhere to put more crapp.

Well you got to put your crapp somewhere.

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