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Welcome to my diary page I've set this page up because it seems a popular thing to do, i can also make a note of things i do in my bird room

I will update as regularly as i can find time and events as they happen, so check back often. (page links at bottom)








Well here it is my mk2 seed cleaner in its unpainted form

I've been working on this in the past month to get it spot on but ive still got to give it a final sanding then paint.

It is very quite and virtualy no mess compared to my earlier unit, the seed goes in the top through a funnel and you end up with clean seed in the left bigger draw and the husks and dust in the right draw i've now added a removable bottom tray that the unit sits on because a few seeds still fall when you take the draws out.

I've put a short video on youtube of this machine in action i tried to use it and video it at the same time but here is the link

youtube video

as you can see the top picture shows the fan and a vent at the top and the lower picture shows the vent on the right side.

Once ive painted it i will post another picture.......

Currently i am writing detailed plans on this unit which i might sell at a minimal charge and i will also sell these units on ebay to start with because i can only build 4-5 a month

more updates shortly!!

Well it's monday the 25th and not a lot is going on at the moment

i've painted the seed cleaner over the weekend and i have to give it one more coat, so towards the end of the week i should have more pictures to post, i have fitted a tray to the bottom to catch any surplus seeds that fall when the draws are removed then hopefully sunday night i will list it on ebay.

ive been consulting some friends on the forum and had one round to have a look and showed him how it works he was very impressed and we agreed it should sell for £79.00

considering there is one on the market for £195.00 its a bargain

so look out for some photo towards the end of the week.

Wells heres some photo's of the finished project, it's been a year in the making and getting it spot on. The only thing i will do now is include the bottom tray into the design to make it one unit.

The plans are ready now i'm just building a second unit to make sure the plans are 100% then i will list them on ebay so if you would like to make your own seed cleaner at minimal cost then heres your chance.

February 1st

I've just invested in a small table saw from screwfix at a good price of £48 this will save my elbow and allow me to make more units quicker

Just out of interest a friend of mine has one of those decibel gadget thingys and the seed cleaner produces 47db

where as my table saw emmits 98db while cutting wood

in comparison a >

(convesation is 60db)

(whispering 20 db)

(a jet taking off 140db)

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