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FEB 14th happy valentines day

Well not a lot as been happening really at the the moment apart from lots of bird room cleaning, i have had some chicks come out of the nest box and I've put a few in the kindergarten.

Today Bill came round he's from the forum i'm a member of He bought 3 birds from me 1 pair and a young bird which took his fancy.

I had an e-mail from Alan as well he bought a set of plans from me and i couldn't believe he had almost built a seed cleaner, i've posted some pics of it.

it's a fantastic achievement considering Alan was cutting and sanding wood whilst sitting in a wheelchair, He used slightly thicker wood that he had to hand but anything is adaptable. He still has to make the draws but he used a couple of bait boxes just to test it out and he was very impressed on how easy it is to use and how efficient it was, He needs more birds now to use it to its full potential ???




Well also today i have put 2 more breeding pairs in the cages because demand for young birds is very high and i cannot breed them quick enough i will post some pics of them shortly . I'm hoping they will settle and produce fertile eggs because last year they all had different partners.

I will also have more pairs ready and in breeding condition in april at this rate i might not have enough birds to take to stafford show this year i will have to see.


Well because it's valentines day today i had to buy the wife a chinese tonight with a bottle of asti, Don't know why really because we've been married since 1992 i thought it was for courting couples so i think i've been mugged.



I wasn't immune to the snow so i took some pics, This was taken over a week ago now and it has virtually gone but still cold the birds seem to love it even the canary's were trying to drink it and bathe in it. even my dog was rolling in it.


more coming soon!




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