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I'm going to end my diary here for 2009 as i find it hard to find time to add items. it is hardwork having to go to work whilst i'm building seed cleaners in my spare time and looking after 2 birdrooms with short daylight hours and now all the ice and snow we have been having on top of all that.

2010 this year i wont be keeping a diary, what i will do instead is create a sort of blog page and fill it in through the year with the date and when i do things hobby related i will just add articles as i go along.

My plans for 2010

I'm going to make a few small changes to my main birdroom such as install a new sink so i can have running water without having to drag birdseed into my kitchen every night.

also i want to put a bit of insulating in as to iimprove the enviroment for my birds plus a few other small changes, hopefully it will help to keep things cool in the summer and save heating costs in the winter.

Unless i win the lottery then i can build my dream brick built bird room .


Anyway hope you all had a good christmas and a happy new.

Also i hope you all have great success in your breeding rooms this year.

You may think why am i writing this in decembers diary page, well its actually very early january now.

so my blog will be here soon lookout for the link here and on my homepage.

Paul Carter

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