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Welcome to my diary page I've set this page up because it seems a popular thing to do, i can also make a note of things i do in my bird room

I will update as regularly as i can find time and events as they happen, so check back often. (page links at bottom)






Well just before christmas i found a lutino chick with spraddled leg also known as splayed leg sat face down in the nest box, This is my first chick like this although i did read about this problem.

I've used a piece of sponge and cut 2 leg holes in it and put both legs through to see how things went as the picture shows.

The legs must be spaced apart as they normally would so i have to wait and see how it develops now.


Mon 29 dec

Here is the same chick coming up to 5 weeks old now, because budgies being budgies the parents eventually chewed off my piece of sponge and it hasnt really cured the problem so today i used 3 very small cable/zip ties 1 around each leg and the third is used to pull the legs together.

I will give this a try for a while and update you but in general the chick is very healthy alert and still scratches its head, My gut feeling is it wont cure the problem but we will wait and see.



Tues 30 dec

Well as you can imagine this is a devastating sight for any bird room, I used wire under my floor now to stop the never ending mouse and rat holes appearing,

I've now had a rat come in through the side it has chewed through 2 main beams one at the edge of the floor and the second is a verticle strut.

Luckily i have my seeds in big plastic bins but yet they still get in

well when i can afford it in the next blue moon i would like to knock the shed completely down and replace it with a concrete block structure which i've been dreaming about for a while now at least it will give me more content.

But untill then i have to do my best to keep plugging holes, i've used wire to cover my holes and i have put down plenty of rat poison.

Well as we are coming to the end of the year i'd like to wish you all a

Happy new Year for 2009

more coming soon.


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