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Well its coming up to easter weekend now and i have been busy building seed cleaners and neglecting my web site so i'm going to take a few days off from it before it drives me mad instead i'm going to update my diary and add a few photos over the coming week end so watch this space.











Well i have spent the day in the bird room today as it's good friday and i'm off work until the following tuesday, yippee, Any way i took a few photo's in my nest boxes and 1 contained this little fellow he does look lonely and sweet but i bet he's spoilt by mum just look at that bulging crop i guess he/she is about 2 weeks old now unfortunately the sibling died at about 3 days old and the other egg didn't hatch, I've now removed it.

The parents are in the photo below the male is the green opaline, I believe the chick will be just like dad going by the pin feathers just coming through.

Incidentally the dad is in the photo frame on my homepage i bought him from stafford last year and this is the first chick from him, he is also hand tame and very friendly, The hen is one of my favorite breeders she is very fertile and produced a lot of young in the past, this is her first round after a resting period so the next round i can expect 5-6 eggs this is the norm for her.

Anyway just click the pictures for an enlarged view.


On the left is my little lutino friend he has splayed legs which probably resulted from being the only chick in the nest and the mother possibly sitting too tight, I did what i could to correct it using sponge and zip ties but sadly it is congenital if that's the right word, Its like a human being born with the splits and it stays like it until medical intervention but the risk involved and cost to a young budgie wouldn't be worth it.

At least this fellow is fairly happy and he does fly from one end to another and clings on to the wire mesh in my kindergarten cage and has developed its own personality. he does get about and sleeps and roosts on his belly as you can see

But there's one thing for sure i won't get any more young like this, now i'm aware this problem can affect any breeder at anytime the only option would be to cull at the earliest time, (it's cruel to be kind) as they say, But this young one will spend the rest of its life with me because he's grown in to my friend.

There are 5 chicks in this nest they all shy ed away from the camera which made the picture a bit faint but you can see the older chick feeding the younger one which is normal in a nest this size. The parents are excellent breeders and produced some good young and they always produce 5 or 6 per round.

The parents will be rested after this round because they have worked hard to give me superb results




There is 6 chicks in this nest the 7th never hatched, They are coming up to there 4th week now and due to leave.

All the chicks are different in colors but have similar markings, the mother is a greygreen and the male is a blue pied.

The male is very fertile indeed, he is like the soul of the party very lively and is also very friendly i can't get him on my hand unless i have lettuce on me, he will come up to me at feeding times and is not a scared bird at all when i enter the cage, he sits there and has a little peck at my hand.

More coming shortly.

26th april

theres not a lot to report really the most of the chicks have now fledged and a couple have sold, I'm going to keep a couple for myself this time.

My java's have started laying it turns out i have 2 hens and 1 cock and also my canarys and finches have started laying. Anyway this is a picture of my back garden, it isn't the tidyest of gardens but i was sat outside thinking what a mess the back is. It has been my nature garden the apple tree makes it look better, The tree is in the neighbours garden, there is also an old shed in the top left hand corner and i thought to myself wouldn't it be nice to sort it all out and build a second smaller aviary.

So i put it to the wife and she lost so it's all go.

What i intend to do is to de-weed it and level off the mud then i can put either shingle or chippings on top this will then be nearly be level with the top of the wall, The next step will be to take down the shed and do a bit of restoration work on it, It needs a few slats and the door needs repairing, Im then going to cover the base in aviary mesh to stop vermin coming through the floor.

when i re-build it i will place it next to the left neighbours fence as to give me an extra 2 foot then i will construct a flight on the right side of the shed.

To your right is a better view of the shed, I'ts not very big roughly 8x6 foot

and it has a slooping roof the flight will be on the window side

I will start a new section on this project shortly.

more coming soon!!!!!!!!

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