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4 Of my chinese quail have hatched from the incubator and are fine, unfortunatley 1 died, I dont know why it just happens i suppose.

The 3 left are doing fine at the moment and are happily in the brooder.

one of my older female quails is sat on 6 eggs in the corner of my shed ive never seen this before and didnt think it would happen in an aviary enviroment but there you have it.

so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for them.

I havent been updating my diary as much as i should but theres a lot going on in my house. I have been building seed cleaners like theres no tomorrow and also i have been doing a lot of work in my garden.

i'm just rebuilding an old shed which i will set up another page about because i will be adding a flight to it and perhaps keep more finches

The shed is almost up after some restoration work to it so hopefully i will put a picture here tomorrow of the rebuilt shed.

the next step will be to add the flight so watch this space.


My second shed is up after some restoration it now looks as good as new, i still have a lot more to do though, its having the time

I'm currently building a seperate page about this project so keep checking back.


Ive been working on the shed today and i've been constructing an internal flight for it. for more info and progress and to keep up with my second aviary build project >>>

Click Here

I put up some wild bird feeders all over my garden and hung some fat balls up and they love it, i only seem to get starlings,sparrows,jackdaws and doves though but in time hopefully might get something more colourfull come along

They are up in the purple tree sorry about my door i should have closed it first .

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