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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attemp but try it

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birds for sale

Gallery: Just click on the pic's to enlarge. here's some infertile eggs iv'e removed>>>

This is my ever expanding collection of budgie pictures. I currently have 5 young birds for sale and another 15 due in 1-2 weeks maybe less

the ones for sale are in the nest box below on the left they have now fledged and here are some pictures below there not very clear because it was getting dark. 30-09-08

PLEASE NOTE all budgies on this page have now been sold to new homes.

<< the bird in the foreground is not for sale he's the daddy

Some photo's i took today of my developing chicks 30-08-08

budgie chicks baby budgie budgie hatchlings and eggs


I had a look in some of my nest boxes and heres what i found so far in early august.

11-08-08, I was doing a spot of gardening hence my clean hands and this little fellow walked through the quail hole into the outside aviary

Today 09-08-08 I bought 9 canarys because i fancied something different

thanks to snowy a local breeder. So here's a couple of pic's , i was told they are fife canarys.

Some more canary photo's



Updated 07-08-08 a few remaining birds for sale below, I have sold a few this year and i have

about 5-6 left but i still have 14+ eggs to look forward to in the next few weeks.


Most of the birds below have now been sold on except for my breeding stock.


I took some budgies round to Jim's house a couple of weeks ago, I originally bought my birds from him, Anyway unfortunately a few rats got in and killed a few of his birds and then some others escaped through the holes left by the rats. So start thinking about what's under you floor to stop this sort of thing happening again. While i was there i took a couple of photo's, Its quite an impressive setup.

The last picture in this section are jim's new breeding boxes which where made for him by a friend, These boxes are very cool and i will be building mine from this idea. The biggest advantage of these boxes are the fact that there's no nest box hanging off and space saving.


Back to my aviary

These are some of my young pups also notice the baby zebra finch in my hand.

I usually sell my budgies for £10.00 each it pays for a bit of seed now and again and keeps my stock down. I think it's extortionate to sell them between 20 and 100 pounds.

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