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birds for sale

I have decided to sell a few bird's at the stafford show in June 2009 as long as everything goes well. I have sent an e-mail to the parrot society tonight to find out everything i need to know such as cost etc.

I was impressed with this years show and i want to be part of next years show, so I've started to prepare things now. Bit early you might say but i'm eager and i don't want to leave it to the last minute.

So I've started building some display cages these are not exhibition/show cages. And also my bird's are still breeding, I've put a few more pairs together, so far i have 8 pairs all doing there business.

Anyway the display cages as i will call them, i started the build this weekend, I'm not a carpenter and i'm about as good at woodwork as a budgie is. almost

I went out and bought some wood today and some supply's from my local wickes store.

I then got a few old bird cages and cut them up so i could use them as fronts.

Well in the above pictures i cut 4 pieces of wood from 9mm ply, all were 7 inches wide. 2 pieces at 18.5 inches and 2 pieces at 12 inches long also there is the cage front i cut up. I then marked out a square hole which was 100mm x 90mm in one of the side pieces which was cut out for the entry door.

Then i nailed it together using thin nails.

In the above left pictures i used 2 square pieces of wood, one screwed flush to the outside and the other was nailed and glued with enough gap to hold my cage front the bottom was almost the same idea except the outer piece was a bit taller just for looks. Next i cut some perches inserted them into small wooden blocks and glued and screwed these to the back wall.

The back wall section was cut from 4mm plywood and nailed into place with panel pins, The squareness was achieved with a good cut back panel then the door hinge was screwed on.

All i have to do now is to paint them and fit a door catch and carrying handle once i've done this i will post more pictures when there finished, I have chosen gloss black as the outer color and the inside will be finished in white.


9mm plywood and 4mm plywood, sheet size depends on how many you build

box of panel pins and thin nails and pva glue

tin of black gloss exterior wood and metal paints, small brass hinges and latch. Also i used old cage fronts

and any tools you fancy buying while your in the store .........More Coming Soon!!!

Iv 'e finally painted these cages black on the outside and white on the inside i have built 5 altogether and i have got 2 old ones as well that i bought years ago so all i need now is for my budgies to keep breeding and then i can sell them at next years parrot society show, if you click on the pictures they should enlarge. i used a cage front on one of them.

When its a nice day i will put them together and take a group photo of them all.




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