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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attemp but try it

Download budgie screensaver

Download cockatiel screensaver



birds for sale


BUY IT NOW you will be taken to paypal secured site

currently 1 left in stock more in process, I probably wont post until monday because of paint still drying on this units

this item also gets listed on ebay if your not happy buying from my site but it will be about 6 pound more to cover selling fees

First come first serve if more than 1 person buys this item then a full refund will be given until i have more units available.

Machine £79.00 1 in stock

Postage 1st class £15.00


If you have trouble with the buy it now link above as some people may have experienced, then you can go directly to and log into your account. Just click on the send money tab at the top, My email address to receive payment is

I will be notified by paypal of payments received.

Highlight my e-mail address then right click on it to copy and paste it in to paypals e-mail recipient box.


Seed machine plans £4.99

Once checkout is complete you will be directed to the plans page if not then contact me






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