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Here are the plans for the breeding box i built using a double removable nest pod, They are not comprehensive but it gives a rough idea of the size i used and i'm sure if i can build this from my head then you can with a head start.


top and bottom panels = 42.75 x 16 inches ....(.75 is 3 quarters of an inch if you don't know)

sides = 15.5 x 16 inch 2 pieces

the bottom trays i built last to make sure they fit, it is 1 piece of wood for the floor and a strip for the front and either 2 knobs or off cuts for the handles

I used 18 x 12 cage fronts to build this at the top i screwed on some baton to hold these fronts on and 2 bits of wood that you turn to lock the front on

The bottom of the cage front i used 20 x 30mm and drilled 4 holes to accept the cage front

Build the main box first and then the nesting pod

Fit nest pod in the centre of the main box it should sit flush with the main box


Next once the pod is in place cut 2 strips of wood and screw and glue to the top of the box as in the above photo shows, make sure it is set back about 5-7mm to allow the cage front to be flush with the main box

Next cut 2 strips of wood 30x20mm for the front to sit in at the bottom i screwed these in the side and in to the pod side ( I've made fronts so if i remove the pods i just replace them with the fronts (perspex or wood) and it makes 1 big holding cage.

with the cage holding strips in place i fitted the fronts and used wood off cuts and used them as cage locks as in the above photo these i just turn to release the cage front.

with the gap left at the bottom i used 2 square off cuts as the trays and glued on the strips to fill the remaining gap

Then with more bits of scrap wood i made 2 handles for each tray

The doors on the front of the pods were then cut to fit the holes and i used 2 small hinges as in the photo

these can be placed on top of the doors if you wish i may do this later because i found they will shut easier.

The pods have 2 sides obviously, and top and bottom and also a middle when these are fitted they will butt up to the back wall and flush with the front once these have been built make your door fronts to fit and then use your hinges. The entrance holes were about 45mm with a piece of dowel for a perch.

You need an entrance hole on both sides but remember 1 hole needs to be at the top and the other hole below the middle on the opposite side you can use a concave for the eggs but i use sawdust this cuts down excrement on the young birds feet.

To keep them closed I've used two u shaped nails each side and then insert a rod to keep them shut i used a welding rod but an old coat hanger or length of wire is ok or just make up a latch.

you should just be able to see the slide rods i made to keep the doors shut. if and when i remove the pods i just used a piece of wood in place screwed to the outside with rests for the cage front lower holding bar. How you do these is up to you just need a little imagination.

Once painted they look fantastic and the benefit of these are you don't have big clumsy nest boxes hanging off.

and taking up space in the bird room.Im going to paint mine once a year to keep them looking smart and clean.

When you build these work out your measurements and remember if you use your imagination you could build something possibly better. And don't forget a few perches inside.

Remember to check your cage front for a good fit or you may have to use a pair of side cutters to trim them down



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