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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attemp but try it

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Well I've decided that next year in 2009 i want to stop colony breeding and revert back to breeding cages, I get a lot of dead finch chicks, I think they keep getting attacked by the other parents in the aviary, Also my budgies do fight a lot over nest boxes and there is blood now and again but no fatality's

One of the main reasons is that i can tell which bird belongs to which parents, anyway I've drawn up some plans as to what I'm doing and I'm going to use one side of my shed to install a number of double breeding boxes also boxes for my finches. I've painted one side of my shed so far in white emulsion eventually i will paint the whole inside, i think it looks alot cleaner and brighter.

I have been looking around the internet for some ideas on how to build my breeding cages and there are lots of various designs out there. I didn't really want nest boxes hanging of the sides or front because they can get in the way and also i can see the birds a lot better so i liked the idea of having them built so i can insert them into the double breeding box and then if i have to take it out i then have the room to keep the birds in the breeder with more room available. You will see what i mean in the pictures Basically its a double breeder and separate nest box pods which are removable, here's some pictures>>


Just click to enlarge, As you can see i made a box from 12mm plywood and then made a nest box pod which slides into place and can be removed and replaced with a strip of wood to make one big cage, Then i inserted the fronts and made the trays for the bottom.

I've started to paint them white because it looks cleaner and you can also see the birds better, So far I've built 3 boxes from 3 sheets of 8x4 foot plywood 12mm thickness and I'm still in the process of painting them, When finances allow i shall build another 6.

Well i've finally built 6 double breeders i will build another 3 later on but i'm still waiting for a cage front from

which i ordered in may, i would never use them again they don't respond to e-mails or answer phones a big Swerve from me.

Anyway heres some more pic's of them installed in my aviary.





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