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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attemp but try it

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Here are a few pictures of Bob and Linda's aviary it is still being built at the moment but the outside flight is almost done with the birds already settling in.

Bob and linda live in bicester and after seeing my advert they bought a few birds of me and then decided to build an aviary of there own. My own pictures didn't turn out as clear as i thought due to crap cameras but i will go back soon to take more when it is complete.

This is the base which was raised off the ground to stop rot and also controlling pests

eventually it will be meshed over to stop the vermin getting underneath.



This shot shows the shed and the outside flight being erected Bob had to battle between the rain becuase it was disastrous weather that week, even trying to stain the wood was hit and miss .

The shed panels are built from fence panels which is slightly cheaper than making shed panels, you buy them whole for about £13.00 each and just screw them together, To buy a shed of a similar size was about £300-400 very clever idea

more coming soon !!!


Well it is the new year now and ive just recieved some more photos from bob and lynda of there finished aviary.

heres the inside with some nestboxes installed and feeders and perches.also shown is the outside flight where

the birds can enjoy a bit of daylight. bob hasn't seen any eggs yet but im sure in due course he will be over run

once the birds settle in and get use to there new home, finally theres max the parrot sat outside hes very tame.

i hope to re-visit bobs avairy again sometime and see how things are doing perhaps in the summer.

Bob has sent me some new photo's recently and he has had a slight revamp and a tidy up and here they are

Just click image for bigger picture..

Thats Linda inside having a clean with the marigolds on.






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