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You know the feeling when your trying to sweep your aviary floor/shed out and the seed gets stuck in the cracks between the floor planking, Well i wanted something to brighten up the place and make it a lot easier to clean so after a bit of thought on different ideas i decided to cover the floor in vinyl tiles which is waterproof long lasting and overall looks a lot better now.

The materials i used was standard aviary mesh underneath to keep out mickey mouse and is chums then i covered the floor in 3MM hardboard nailed in place to give a good surface to stick my tiles to.

The mesh was 19.99 at wickes, the hardboard was 1.98 a sheet of 6' x 2' i used about 8 sheets

and the tiles was 2.99 a box (pack of 6) you could get 10 tiles in a box from wickes for 3.25 but the B&Q tiles are a lot thicker, so i bought 12 boxes but still need another 2 or 3 . ( my aviary/shed is 12' x 8' )

here are some pictures.




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