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Well i've finally found some photo's for my screensaver, it's a first attempt but try it

Download budgie screen saver

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My site is currently undergoing a few changes at a time.

if you spot any problems or broken links please let me know.


THE WORK HAS STARTED Click here to see progress

Once my birds finish breeding for this season i will be make new breeding cages and also i will be

renovating my bird room, stripping it down with some major wood repairs, I will then rebuild it with a converted

pent roof as opposed to an apex, once finished im hoping i will have added about 6 foot to the length and nearly a foot in height, This may take a few months possibly even into next year.

the whole aviary will change for a bigger and better one , In the process i will take plenty of photos and add plenty more content to my site so stick around to watch my progress.

I haven't been around for a while because I've been doing some building works to my house and now with my front porch built and almost decorated i can move on to my next bird related project. sadly i missed out on this years bird show at stafford as I've been very busy.

Installing my Sink Link

Making the Seed cleaners is currently on hold due to excessive material cost rises


If you wish to buy just the plans please click here


The parrot society show 12th october 2008

The parrot society show 28th June 2009

My report and picture's from 12th october 08 show

Some pictures of 28th June 09 show

I'm trying to make another screen saver so any pictures would be appreciated, it will be available for free download to anyone. so please send me your pic's send pictures here

Try my new budgie Screen saver

Try my new cockatiel screen saver

Please note these pictures are in the public domain and i'm not profiting from these screen savers they are both free to download

Update:: No one has bothered to send any pictures this time so the screen saver is on hold until i receive more photos.

information about the birds i keep, Origin,breeding,sexing and so on.

I will be shortly putting my older updates into a separate page because this page is getting long....

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new updates will be here soon when the weather gets better so i can spend more time outside.

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